Current Favorite Curriculum Choices

What our family is using right now for homeschool curriculum:

I am currently using for kindergarten through 2nd or 3rd grade.

This one is only available for grades 3 and up.  I love it because it takes some pressure off of me and allows someone to teach my child who actually loves math! ;o)

This is what we are using for "Family School" time.  We are using step one in the multi-age family learning cycle,  "Exploring Countries and Cultures."

This is new for us this year and we are really enjoying it.  I am using the preschool curriculum with my 4 year old and the Level I curriculum with my kindergartner/1st grader and also with my 10 year old who has dyslexia.  The curriculum was recommended to me by other moms who have dyslexic children.  I started my daughter towards the end of Level I and will be purchasing Level II soon.

Thanks for looking!  These are the basics for our family for now.  The My Father's World curriculum includes all of our family read-alouds and the history and basic science we are doing for now.  I'm currently searching for more science, but haven't made any decisions just yet.

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