Thursday, December 7, 2017

What's New with Victory

Sweet Victory Grace is growing up and has such a sweet personality.  It is fun to see how she interacts differently with each sibling.  She loves playing with David, Luke and Timothy and their toys much more than her own or her big sister's.  But she also knows who will take her wherever she wants to go and cuddle her any time and over any little whimper she makes....

This sweet sister....

....and this big brother....

....and sometimes this one too....

Andrew and Isaac love to take pictures of her!
This one is Andrew's.... she was dressed in her Sunday best, a dress her sister wore as a baby, as well as either I or my cousin Meaghan too.  (Not sure which, but it has stood the test of time!)

Miss Victory loves the Christmas tree this year!
Didn't care about much more than her mama last year.

Miss Victory loves her cookies!!  The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree!

She is so close to walking and this video is so sweet of Luke helping her!

Love and updates from our family to you and yours!!

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Timothy Daniel is Five!!!

Five year old birthdays are so emotional for me!  A five year old is just not a baby anymore!  But with all that big-kidness (made up word, I know...), is the celebration of so many milestones that have been accomplished and so many new ones to come.

Sweet Timothy, you are a priceless, precious treasure to us.
You are strong and can be very ornery, but those tough qualities we envision will make you a fine leader some day. 
You love being in the thick middle of whatever Daddy is working on.  You are one tough, yet tender, big boy!
You are an encourager, always noticing the simple little things that someone does.  You are often the first to thank me for a meal.  You compliment me every day and make me feel pretty.  You notice if my hair is "special", if I'm wearing a pretty dress or shirt and compliment me often on my lips or eyes.  Someday you will probably do this for some other girl, but I will always remember that you had a way of making me feel special and that you practiced those observations on your mama first!  

So thankful for our little turkey-baby, born the day before Thanksgiving Day, 2012.

Daddy dressed up to bring you home!

You will fill those boots of your dad's sooner than anyone I bet!

Baby Dedication May 2013

The biggest chubby cheeks ever seen on a Bradberry baby!


You and your "twin" talking on the way to school.

The Three Amigos!  ...The Three Stooges!!!

Crawling at 8 months

Walking at 14 months

The dog-lover...
This wild and crazy dog always calmed down, 
just for little-baby-you!

You and your sister's new puppy!

You love your Great-Granny, Dorothy Englert, and share a birthday month during the Thanksgiving season with her!

Birthday 2014

With Granny at the Walker reunion 2017

Such a good worker, 
especially when it involves anything daddy does!

Tender heart, learning the best things from your daddy!

Best friends with Luke from the very beginning!

The Sleeper...

Eyelash KING!

You have been able to sleep ANYwhere and in any position!

The Big Brother!!

A big thing that happened just before you turned 4 is you became a big brother!
Age 4 months for Victory and 4 years for you!


Got a wood-chip in your foot!

The Charmer!

So adorable!!!

The Cowboy!!

So very proud of you, big boy!

Your Mama and Daddy!