Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gelding For Sale: Snyder, Texas SOLD

The following are pictures from last summer.  He's not quite this slicked off yet, so I thought I would show these!  Information on him follows the pictures.

Buddy is an 11 year old gelding who is about 14 1/2 hands tall.  He is beautiful, stands well for a farrier and is 100% sound.  We bought him a year ago to "babysit" our kids.  We were told by the folks we purchased him from that he had been a play-day winner, is particularly good at barrels, and was ridden by a 14 year old boy.  I cannot testify to his accomplishments on barrels..  We didn't care anything about that at the time and just wanted a gentle horse for our young kids.  When we purchased him, he was like a dream come true!  He was a horse my kids began developing confidence on, and we were so happy to have him!  His downfall, and the only reason we are selling him, is that he is very mean to our mare!  Our broodmare did not have issues with him at first.  Overtime, however, Buddy has become so dominating towards her that he does not pay attention to his rider anymore and cares nothing about anything else except being with HER!  We aren't willing to sell our mare at this time so we need to sell him.  We are sad to see him go, but hope he can find another good home!  We know he came from being in a barn with stalls, and maybe he did better in that environment with other horses, but we have found him to be a pest when it comes to being pastured with our mare.  We think he would do great either being the only horse on the farm, or possibly with other geldings.  Now is a good time to come look at him, because our mare is away visiting her REAL boyfriend!!!  HA!

We are regretfully selling Buddy for $1500 (firm).  Call 325-573-3534.  Please, only serious inquiries.  I am a homeschool mom of 6 who does not live on the farm where this horse is located and I really need you to be seriously interested.  Thank you!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The 21st Sweethearts!

Today Luke Nathanael turned 2 years old and Timothy Daniel turned 4 months old!  There will be more blogging about Luke's birthday when he is well enough for a party.  Things have been pretty pathetic around here!  Whitley got sick which almost never happens!  He came home from work one day and went to the doctor.  Abigail and I began getting sick too.  Whitley, however, persisted to run fever for 4 days and his cough began getting so much worse that he went back to the doctor.  He got a chest x-ray that revealed pneumonia in his left lung!  Meanwhile David, Andrew, Isaac & Luke took turns sharing until all of the children were coughing EXCEPT Timothy!  Believe me, I thought about giving every family member half of a cup of Timothy's milk since it must be the most amazing immunity builder on Earth!!!  I know that I tried to not cough on him, but there is no way that he didn't get coughed on!  I'm just glad he is still well!  Thanks to a kind house-visit from our doctor, Luke & Isaac are on antibiotic and breathing treatments and I hope we will all be well again soon!  Andrew is running pretty bad fever today, poor guy.  And as for Luke's birthday, I hesitated to take pictures today of him at all, but then I thought, "Silly me... Oh well!  We are real people with real birthdays and some of us, including the birthday boy, just happen to be really sick!"  Sigh.....

For a moment they were both sleeping on the couch yesterday!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy....... feel better soon!!!

Timothy while mama is working really hard to make him smile for his 4 month picture...
....sort of like, "BOOORRRRING!!!"

Timothy's reaction when all Isaac did was sort of walk by and smile at him... 
Isaac is so good with babies, and he nearly always gets sweet smiles like these!

Happy 4 months, Timothy!

Love from our family to you and yours,

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

David Josiah is 4!

Born March 12, 2009 weighing 5lbs 10oz and measuring 16 1/2 inches long (not a misprint!) at 7:07 p.m.

David means "Beloved one" and Josiah means "The Lord's Fire."  Other sources we read said that Josiah means "Yahweh supports" or "Jehovah heals."  His name was full of significance for us.  Some of the significance had to do with his conception following a miscarriage and a very difficult time in our lives.  Healing for me didn't only take place because of a successful pregnancy and birth, but because of a friendship in my life that God really began cultivating that same year.  That friend's name is David, so in my heart I was partly giving him a name that belonged to someone who meant a lot to me and partly thinking about the David in scripture too.  We wanted him to have a fervent heart for the Lord and bravery to withstand even the toughest giants.  We really get into this whole name-blessing thing, but I always end up laughing at how God takes those blessings and magnifies them sometimes in ways we do not expect Him to! I mean, come ON!  "The Lord's FIRE!!???!!!"  Who did I EXPECT him to be?  Anyone reading this who knows our 4th child should be at least chuckling!  Oh, he's full of fire alright!  He also doesn't mind suffering any amount of pain for whatever he thinks is right!  I've seen him (age 2) flail his body on the floor during a tantrum and painfully BANG his head on our hard-wood floors multiple times just because what he thinks is right and what we think is right.... is not the same!  He is FULL of passion, exactly like David of the Bible.  That David sinned big but he loved big too.  There's hardly a middle ground with our David.  He is either mad with some huge display of emotion or he is completely sweet and loving with the same intensity!  He is never "just a little tired."  If he decides he's tired in the kitchen and his blanket happens to be nearby, he will just sleep right there....a very deep sleep that no one can wake him from!  He is very musical and physically very strong, even if he is a teeny boy!  One time I watched him crawl (wasn't walking yet) over to his big brother Andrew, grab him by the hair, and PULL him off of a toy he wanted.  Made big ol' Andrew cry!  I could only stand there with my mouth open!  On the flip side, lately I'm enjoying that he tells me that he loves me more often than anyone else on earth!  Before you feel sorry for me, YES other people say that in my life, it is just that he takes the time to pause and say it to me VERY often!  He also loves saying with the sweeeeeetest voice "Mama, Timothy is sooooo sweet!"  He is starting to cool it on the tantrum side because his vocabulary is getting a whole lot bigger too.  There are countless ways that this kid blesses our lives, even if he keeps us on our toes!  He's also making us smarter because we often have to figure out how to make the "right" thing seem like his idea somehow.  

David Josiah, you may only be 24 pounds at 4 years old, but I think God has really BIG, special plans for you.  He needs fighters like you to defend righteousness!  God, through your grace, help us show him what that looks like!

As a mom of half a dozen, doing birthday picture-stories like this one make me think about how big my other kids have gotten too!  Wow!  We all loved you then, David, and we love you so, so much now too!

First Bath

Papa & David

First Bottle

Snuggling with Great-pawpaw

He might actually be the Bradberry-lash winner!

"Sledding" (Wheel barrow minus wheels, pulled by a pick-up!)

David learned to crawl while we were painting and refinishing the big house God provided for us!




One of our moving-card pictures

Favorite blankie and racoon!

3 years old!


This is pronounced the "CAnoo" boat!

David had a party yesterday themed with "Super Why" characters.  We think he looks like "Super Why" and it is his favorite little show to watch.  He loves his ABC's!


Hungry Hippos! Present from Uncle Justin & Auntie Amber

Tricycle from O'pa & O'ma!  He loves it!!

Love, from our family to you and yours,

First Tae Kwon Do Tournament

I sort of grew up on the East side of Snyder's square at West Texas TaeKwonDo Academy!  I have been singing the national anthem at Master Gafford's tournament nearly every year for over a decade.  This year, though, put a new spin on things!  I hung around a bit longer because my own children were competing in the forms competition!  Isaac took 2nd in his division and Abigail got 3rd in her division.  I was so proud of Isaac for his technique and he is so naturally talented and really looked sharp!  I was so proud of Abigail because she DID IT!  She got ALL of her turns right and had the correct placement of her hands and feet every time.  This is very challenging for her because of dyslexia issues that she deals with.  It was so fun to watch them be a part of this legacy.  It was also quite an honor to get to introduce the kids to Grandmaster Won Park, who is a very influential person in my life!

Master Greg Gafford on left; Grandmaster Park in the middle; Timothy & I 
just after "we" sang The Star Spangled Banner 

waiting for her turn

waiting for his turn