Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Papa & Nana's Visit

I've been way behind on blogging and keep telling myself, "Just start again with something current!"  While this blog post isn't full of pictures that happened just today, it contains memories from May of 2017 that we will treasure forever.  We had a great visit with Papa and Nana who live in Montana!  All of us getting together is plenty of reason to celebrate and it felt like a Thanksgiving holiday.  Indeed, we were thankful!  Lovely Nana and Abigail made the table really beautiful with our china!  The china is my mother's from her wedding combined with more pieces that Whitley purchased in order to be able to serve a large crowd, like the one we are growing!

Whitley, offered a prayer and loving words to help us remember those who have gone on before us, as well as the challenges and blessings the Englert/Bradberry family have shared together.  

So many sweet moments!


Silly Andrew fell in the lake!



-Getting to have both sets of parents under one roof! 
...It's saying a lot when you live so far from each other!

Aunt Wanda, Wallace's sister, came for a visit.  It was wonderful to have her!


Justin, Amber and family came over to visit 
Granny, Wallace & Gayla too...

Art studio touring...

This is one of Gayla's former students.  Whitley, Gayla, Isaac and Abigail got to tour her art studio. These two beautiful paintings were what Nana chose for her early birthday present. 

And.... of course, music!

So glad we got to be together!
Love from our family to you and yours!