Monday, June 22, 2015

14 Years of Wonderful


-A master builder with a mind for construction and design.  
-Loves, loves, LOVES Legos!
-Might not be the biggest guy on earth, but scarcely is there someone with a heart as big as his.
-Loves Tae Kwon Do and shows great power and determination in everything he does there!
-Tender and sweet with babies and toddlers.
-Enjoys a good laugh and his laughter is truly contagious! 
-While getting him to practice piano is a major project most of the time, it's really because he has such a good ear and very little patience for learning the nuts and bolts of a piece of music.  
But once he gets it?  It's memorized and perfectly artistic, of course!

While Isaac's life wasn't bestowed on him with a bucket-full of "easy," I've rarely seen him defeated.  Ambliopia and Strabismus of the eyes (4 surgeries!), growth hormone deficiency, and Type I Diabetes do not define this boy.  If some of us had to deal with only one of these things we might want to give up.  

But... Isaac... Is...

Completely undefeated.

He is my hero!

Isaac, I love you so very much.  God has really big plans for you and I'm so excited to continue to watch them unfold right by your side.  You are quickly growing into a man!  You've got several great models to emulate in that department.  Life is not always easy, but God is a big, great, powerful God.  Cling to him always, dear son.  I'm so proud of you!


Your Mama
P.S.  THANK YOU for making me a mom!

A little pre-birthday party frozen yogurt

Whitley got to go with Isaac and be a sponsor for jr. high youth camp last week 

And now, for some flashbacks!

Isaac was born on June 22nd, 2001 at 10:39 p.m.

 3 weeks old

6 months

8 1/2 months

9 1/2 months

With your Daddy & Mama

Mama Lovin'

One Year Old!

So Funny in Washington!!

18 months

2 Years

Moved to Snyder!

Waiting for Sister



Our Family 2005


In O'pa's Airplane!

Hammin' it up!

Cowboy Isaac

5 years 2006

Got his insulin pump in 2007

Fishing at Lake Amistad Lake

Fishing with Dad & Abigail

Getting ready for Uncle Justin & Auntie Amber's wedding

A big help with little David

Traveling with family to Montana

At the Diabetes walk in 2010


Helping put together Mom's new stroller with his own leatherman.

Playing with Luke

Another lego design

4 years of piano


2013 with baby brother, Timothy

2014 fishing trip

2014 trophy

So proud of this boy!