About Us

We are a family striving to be who Christ wants us to be!  Sometimes we might be "at our wits end," but here's to joy and laughter, even if it's crazy at times "At WHIT'S Inn." We work together, learn together, and worship together.  We have 6 beautiful children!  They keep us on our toes, and keep us feeling blessed too!  Isaac Samuel is 14.  He enjoys laughing, learning about how things work, and absolutely enjoys working alongside his dad.  Abigail Ruth is 12 and is our beautiful sweetheart who always has a special sensitivity to those around her.  Andrew Lee is 9 and is the comedian of the group!  He is strong, both in will and build.  He is always a nurturer to the younger ones around him.  David Josiah is 7. He is busy, very independent, strong-willed and deeply opinionated about most things!  Luke Nathanael is 4 and quite the thinker!  He memorizes melodies faster than any kid I know and has his very own rhythmic syllables for the songs he loves.  Timothy Daniel is 3 and is a real charmer!  He is a gracious little boy who prides himself on having good manners and giving good kisses!  We are a homeschooling family, constantly seeking the Wisdom from above to help teach our children to be lovers of Him first.  Simply homeschooling alone cannot do that, but hopefully it will prove to be an important part of the equation for us.  

You can contact us at wsbradberry@gmail.com