Thursday, October 24, 2013

San Antonio Trip Pictures

At one of the Kerrville swimming pools, situated above Lake Ponding.

O'pa and Luke

Pool-side babes

Makes me laugh to see this every time!!


Brothers share the best stuff in life!

What a pair!  My cute parents!

Photographers always have their work cut out for them since there is 8 of us!

Timmy loves hats! ... and O'pa too!

Sea World!

The Rakov's were at Sea World too and we were so glad to get to shadow them.  Theresa had her wonderful camera with her and took several of these photos.  She and the kiddos were like our personal tour guides, since they had done homeschool day before!  

A sweet moment!  We appreciated Alek's help with David so much!


Big smile, I think!
What a crew!

Abigail and Emily... well, at least their pony-tails. :)

So sweet!  We'll have to go back when Timothy is more interested in dolphins. :o)

Homeschooling isn't a popular option or anything, is it?  ;o)

Such a funny Sea Lion Show!

If I could only describe how much we love these folks! -And the guy they were missing too!

Too tired for the Beluga Whale Show!


Was so glad Theresa got these two shots, because I sure didn't!

Chillin' at the Hotel
O'ma calls this Bradberry Soup!

The River Walk

Rode on a river-boat...

The Alamo


Rain Forest Cafe on the River-walk

At the Entrance to Rippley's house of wax... we didn't go through it,
but of course the boys HAD to stop and see this on our walk!
Another River-walk restaurant with just us.  
My parents met with my dad's cousin and they visited while we did this.
The newest eye-lash king!

Timothy started eating table-food on the trip! -This was his first morsel of bread... the GOOD stuff!

More Eyelashes! 

Hey, if you lasted all the way to the end of this blog-post, you deserve to get to watch... THIS.  Congratulations!!!

Love from our family to you and yours,