Thursday, January 14, 2016

Baby News

Our children new that they were getting pictures taken today, but they did not know that they were going to get to hear whether they were having a baby brother or a baby sister!  I had Abigail decorate a little box that was going to be filled with either baby boy things or baby girl things, but she didn't know why she was decorating it!  She never turns down any excuse to paint though, so didn't question me.  Turned out so beautiful and perfect for the occasion!  

A couple of views of the box:

I was the only one videoing so I didn't catch the moment when I put the box back in Abigail's lap and said to everyone, "Guess what!?!  Today you'll get to find out if you are having a brother or sister!"  Abigail said, "We get to find out TODAY!?!" It was pretty sweet.  Most of the children have guessed that it's a boy.  Our youngest, Timothy, has guessed girl before, but he really just loves saying that word!  Oh, dear! Hahaha!  Abigail has admitted that she's praying for a girl, but really thinks it's a boy.  Andrew has said, "I think it's another stinky, loud, but fun, awesome BOY!" That's a short part of his long description of the boy he thinks we are having.  Whitley and I have both been certain of a sweet boy joining our family.

Bows that Whitley had some sweet ladies make for his girls.  He surprised me with them this morning so I put one of them in the surprise box.

So!  Whitley and I... were WRONG!  Unless, of course, whoever filled out the form for the DNA test that I had...  checked the wrong box!  I mean, stranger things have happened, but we are rolling with it!  Lots of friends have been guessing a girl for us, but most friends have been guessing girl for the last four boys we've had too!   After loss it's hard to feel hope for a baby to be either boy or girl, just because you want a healthy pregnancy and a baby in your arms so bad!  My sister-in-law Amber and my friend Theresa have both said similar things today.  It's just like God to really knock your socks off after a really trying year.  If you are going through trials right now, I pray and look forward to whatever blessing He has coming your way!

A very special thanks to Theresa Rakov (our dear friend as well as our OB's wife), for being there to capture these beautiful, precious moments.  

As always, Love from our growing family to you and yours!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Heirloom Christmas Gifts

For Christmas, Whitley and I decided to give each other and our family a full set of silverware from the pattern we chose for our wedding, Gorham Studio.  You know how it goes with lots of boys around.  I'm sure there are still some spoons in the dirt at our former houses or something!  Yes, we did loose some of our silverware through the years, but in no way did we ever actually have a complete set or even enough to begin with for the large family that we now have.  We have thought of buying more for several years now, but... OH!  -The price tag!  We did it this year though, and are really glad that we did.  

Along with this gift to each other, Whitley refurbished and presented this silverware chest that is very sentimental to his side of the family.  Whitley's mom, Gayla, brought this to us from Montana in 2014.  The lower section of it was used in his sister's bedroom as a bookshelf and a lamp stand for many years.  The actual silverware section, however, wasn't ever used because it was broken.  The chest was very old, as it had been given originally to Dr. Owen E. Puckett and his wife, Clevel, (Whitley's maternal great-grandparents) as a 50th wedding anniversary gift on December 28th, 1955.  Whitley's mom received it as a family heirloom after her grandmother passed away.

Before Pictures:

the broken drawers

One thing we are missing is one of the drawer pulls! Let us know if any of you ever run across something that looks like this!

Only picture we got of the repair work.  Whitley was repairing broken feet of the base.

finished base

Merry Christmas!
Whitley wanted to honor his parents by giving this gift during the Christmas season, very close to their 47th wedding anniversary date on December 28th.  This date would have also been the date that his great-grandparents, the Pucketts, were married 110 years ago.

Top Drawer: Steak Knives

2nd Drawer: Hollow Knives

3rd Drawer

4th (bottom) Drawer

This China which is beautifully adorned with our new silverware was my mom, Linda's, wedding pattern, Noritake Savannah, and she has graciously given it to me.  We recently also purchased more of this China to complete and add to her already beautiful collection.  In the picture below, the pitcher and basin was painted and glazed by my mom for her mother as a Christmas gift in 1977, one month before I was born.

Come on over to the old Bradberry house for your down-to-earth yet really fancy heirloom-dining experience!!  Fine china or not, we love sharing our home with you!

Love from our family to you and yours,