Thursday, July 31, 2014

Trip to Amistad Pictures 2014

It takes lots of work to just leave the house!!!

playing at McDonald's on our trip

This is our little "minnow" next to O'pa's boat!  Even makes our big van look tiny!

I took this picture from very far away, while the kids and 
Daddy were making their way down to go fishing.  Can you see them??

Whit took the kids down to fish and caught this!

Isaac was excited about finding a rock that looks like Africa.

More later about little Brownie, seen behind Isaac on the bank.
This was the first time/day that they saw him.

Andrew won $20 for the family fishing contest with this white bass!

Outing in Opa's boat:

Timothy, with a worried tear about the loud motor.

Hotdogs on the grill!

 Timmy decided it wasn't so scary after all.... which meant it was nap time!!

Then play-time!


Playing around outside:

ooops... Cactus are NO FUN!

Come on, bro, they really aren't THAT bad!

Scaling great-grandpa's rock wall...

Inside Fun:


Abigail reading the Bible to her snuggle-buddy

What would a trip to the lake house be without a good card game?!
Andrew learned how to play Solitaire.

Whit might not like me posting his bed-head, but I couldn't resist posting these sweet pictures!

Rock Pitching...

...While the older three went to do more fishing with Daddy
I got a little "me-time."  At least a teeny bit of the lake can be seen behind me!  Sure is low!

When the kids & Whit saw Brownie on this trip out they were certain this time that
 this baby-goat really had been abandoned. 
Andrew just couldn't help it... He HAD to go rescue it!  Sweet boy...

We all snuggled and had some fun with Brownie the goat while we contemplated what to do...

We ended up driving to the headquarters area of the ranch.  From our van we saw a woman standing outside, so I opened the window.  I asked her if she spoke English and when she said "No,"  rather than trying to go into some long explanation, I picked up Brownie-baby, and just said, "No mama!"
She melted with compassion, let out an, "Awwwww......" and took him into her house.  

Some swimming fun:

So much fun, but alas...  we had to go home!!  
This is the "Boat-Train" -O'pa drug our boats back so they could load them up.

snack time on the way back

Love from our family to you and yours,