Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fall Tae Kwon Do Events

In September, we went to the annual Tae Kwon Do Campout.  The older three really enjoyed the workouts, and all of our kids had a great time!

Our Home Away From Home...

We thought it was going to rain constantly, but it ended up being awesome weather!

We kept all of our stuff in the little pup-tent,
and the older three changed in there in the dark of the morning while the little ones slept!


I learned something about Abigail on this trip!  She was one of the first few kids back every time they went running!  I had no idea she was so good at that!  The students had good work outs.  I got just a couple of videos, but believe me, they worked hard!

Video 1:  Ninjas attack!

I had a secret pass to photograph the Ninjas!

Video 2:  Andrew Sparring

Video 3:  Abigail Sparring

I missed Isaac sparring because I ran out of room on my camera.  It made me upset because I missed Isaac sparring Mr. Jaramillo.  He and Isaac both have Type I diabetes, and it just made me proud watching a great young man and my own son be examples of what it looks like to not let anything keep them down!

Lots of cool trees to play in!

Abigail and her friend, Jada.

Andrew & Shelby

Not possible to picture the whole crew! There are lots of people in that tree!

Tug of War and Other Fun Stuff!!


The younger guys with their friend Jake, Jada's brother.

I'm pretty sure this was cactus!  -Not necessarily fun!

Recently Isaac got to test for his red belt!  Black belt is getting REAL, folks!  He will have to test two more times while a red belt and then he can test for his black belt.  Black belt is probably about a year and a half away!

Here is a short video.  I didn't get one of him breaking, sparring, or doing step-sparring techniques.

Terminology Portion

Yay! Red Belt!!

So proud of our children!
Love from our family to you and yours,

Friday, November 21, 2014

Two Years of Timothy!

Sweet Timothy,

I've never met a baby who loves to give kisses as much as you do!  You, my dear, are a charmer!  You love your big family that dotes on you all of the the time!  You love dogs and horses.  You love to study people.  Many times new folks or people who you don't see often think you are scared or mad while you are studying their faces, but I think you take in all the details and memorize them!  You are such a smart boy!  You are using so many words that I can hardly keep up!  I'm so thankful that God allowed you to be a part of our family!  You are such a blessing, and mommy has tears right now just thinking about how wonderful you are!

Year One

Year Two!

The boy and his dog!

Love it outside!
You are a good friend to God's critters!

Not too shabby on the eyelashes!

Mama loves you!

Growing up is kinda frustrating at times!  You want to do it all by yourself!!

Lots of help... any time you need it!

Sweet MESS!!

The farmer!


You got to travel a lot this year!

Visit with Nana!

Yellowstone River

Custer State Park

The Needles Highway
South Dakota

Daddy loves you in South Dakota too!

Such a good worker!  Mammoth Site, Hot Springs, SD

You've got lots of buddies!


We love you and are thankful for you, Timothy Daniel!!


And cuddles......

Love from our family to you and yours,