Monday, July 9, 2012

The Newest Berry On The Vine :)

He is beautiful of course!  -Very busy and quite the "acrobat!"  He flipped around constantly!!  It was hard to get a good picture of him, but this is certainly the best one.  For sonogram viewing help that is his head on your left, which is facing down.  His long, beautiful spine is pretty obvious and then you can see his leg bent underneath him.  I must also say that although I am certain I saw boy parts, he was too active to glance for long!!  We don't even have a great picture of that either!

We feel very blessed to be expecting a healthy baby!  It is certainly not a blessing we take lightly and we are so thankful to have reached a half-way point in the pregnancy!   Looking at my calendar, I realize the rest of this pregnancy is probably going to whiz by super, super fast!!  The due date is November 23rd, but I have averaged having ours about a week early.  We'll see, since no one knows the day or the hour! :)  

Just in case you were wondering, we don't announce baby names until the birth for several reasons.  One is we want to feel more liberty to change what we perhaps thought it should be while we were pregnant (although we haven't changed a name after birth yet).  We also then use the name as a blessing bestowed on the darling at birth.  Any of you who have visited us in the hospital after the delivery have probably witnessed my husband proclaiming the name from scripture's standpoint and the reason why the child has that name. I assure you that plenty of  people have left thinking, "I thought I was coming to see a baby... not hear a sermon!"  We pray very intently about the meanings and significance of the names we choose rather than just choosing a name we like the sound of, which is fine of course... just not the way we do it! :) I personally did not like the name "Isaac" for instance.  I was just as much a part of praying for his name though, so I'm not saying that my husband forced it or anything.  I just could hardly imagine holding a tiny baby and calling it "Isaac Samuel"... SUCH a BIG name!  But when he was born I thought, "What ELSE would I have called you!?!"  He has completely lived up to that name though, and our others have lived up to theirs too... many times in ways I did not anticipate!  I just used him as an example, because I didn't necessarily even like the name's sound while I was pregnant!  Anyway... yes it will probably be a Biblical name... and NO you cannot hear it yet, even though we are probably already getting serious about the name! :o)

Getting really excited around here...

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