Thursday, August 8, 2013

Kerrville Trip...


In case you ever wondered, a canoe can ride very fashionably ;o) on a 15 passenger van...

Sunday morning, we stopped in Ballinger for a picnic lunch at the foot of "The Cross,"

on our way to take this guy to camp... (more about camp in a future post!)

After dropping Isaac off at camp we stayed at Inn of the Hills, an already favorite place in Kerrville, for two nights and had some fun.  We missed Isaac being with us, but he was probably having even more fun than we were!
pretty kids and pretty flowers at the hotel



There are a few swimming pools to choose from at the hotel, and the kids really enjoyed getting to play in the water!

Well... we can't all be happy ALL the time ;o)

Monday Morning...
 I wear this "chew-bead" necklace all the time lately for Timothy to gnaw on!


Monday morning we took the canoe out on Kerrville Pondering Lake, which is part of the Guadalupe River. 
Whitley bought this handmade, redwood canoe last year from Dr. Michael Pocock, who hand-built it himself in 1995.  Whitley spent some time repairing some of the fiberglass and this was the boat's first float since the repair.

Test run... hope he doesn't sink!!

Test-run successful! :)

eager beaver..

the paddling class, all ready to learn!

helping hands

David & Andrew's first turn.  Ready...set...

Look, there's the canoe over there!!

Timothy snuggling down for a morning nap
Abigail's first turn
The Lollipop Kids..
Andrew Lee, climbing in the tree!

The nap!

Daddy's girl...

Luke's Turn!!

Took the camera with us this time...

O'ma's ride :)

Buddies :)

The Good Citizenship Award goes to....  Abigail and Whitley who "fished" out 55 plastic bottles from the lake!

We ate at the Chili's near the lake.
This was taken right outside the restaurant.  You can see the boat-ramp we used in the distance.



We heard about The Museum of Western Art in Kerrville from our friends, David & Melody Kerr.  Melody's grandfather was an amazing artist, and has some bronzes that are featured at this museum.  We went and checked it out before heading back home!  They have a fun kids' play area where you can take pictures and even play dress-up.

These two pictures were taken next to "Wind and Rain," 
one of the bronzes done by William Moyers, Melody's grandfather.

We get to go back and get Isaac from camp soon!  
You'll soon get to hear more about the fun stuff that HE got to do! 
Love from our family to you and yours,

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