Monday, October 14, 2013

Birthday Bash

 Abigail and Andrew are exactly 3 years and 4 days apart.  They shared one birthday party when they were younger and we decided that this year was going to be a good year to do that again.  It fell through to go bowling when we wanted to for their party, so we ended up doing the next best thing.  They had mentioned really wanting a piñata at their party!  On each of their special days I baked cupcakes just to celebrate a bit.  Their  cousin Kaleb had a birthday party just the day before theirs in which we also had cupcakes! We just settled on cookies and the candy from the piñata being enough glucose for the big event!

The Cookie Bakers!

 We also were excited to use our new table for this fun event!
I cooked lasagna and made one of our favorite breads to go with it.


With both leaves extended our table is 104 inches!  :0) 

Brookelynn is such a sweetheart and really gravitated to her oldest cousin this day.  They were being SO SWEET!


Abigail's gift opening time!

Andrew's Turn!

Piñata Time
Didn't want it to break too soon before the little ones got to try, so of course I thought a blind fold was a good idea.  And then they beat on it and beat on it and beat on it!  My Dad said, "Where did you get this thang... China?"  He was being funny, of course, but I said, "No! If it were from china it would have broken a long time ago!"  Of course right there on the thing it says "Hecho in Mexico."  All I can say is... they definitely make them to last there!  I could only post a picture of each kid hitting and you'd get the idea, but these pictures are so cute, and it also maybe helps you a little to realize how long this took!

The littlest ones were SO CUTE trying!

You can't see all of Brooke's face, but you can still see the sheer delight in this one!
It's one of my faves! 

 A little help from Uncle Whit!


This kid hit HARD every time! Look at his FACE!  HAHA!

This guy hit some pretty good ones too!


Age 10 and 7...  Oh my, how they are growing up!  This sure was a fun day!

Love from our family to you and yours,

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