Thursday, December 4, 2014

Artesia Trip

We got to have some time with Zumwalt family a couple of months ago at the farm in New Mexico that Whitley's mom grew up on.  We made lots of good memories and had lots of fun!

Uncle Roby

Margo & Abigail

Pretending to be horses on a hitching post

Cousins: JanLee, Margo, and Whitley

Siblings:  Roby, Gayla, Hunt.  Missed Perry being there, for sure.
2nd Cousins!

JanLee & Whitley

These boys were really impressed with Gracie!

This beautiful saddle of Roby is very sentimental and unique to the Zumwalt family.  It was used by the son of Thomas Bowen Zumwalt Jr. and Pauline Elizabeth Paul Zumwalt, Wildy, who was tragically shot and killed by his friend Harry Little in a hunting accident in the Capitan Mountains of Lincoln County New Mexico circa December 1914.  Perry Zumwalt beautifully restored this old saddle.  What an excellent job he did! 

Aunt Betty & Gayla
Sisters-in-law:  Betty, Myrna, Gayla

Isaac & Uncle Hunt
Wonderful family, fellowship, food and fun!!  
Hope to see them all again soon!

Love from our family to you and yours,

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