Sunday, May 22, 2011

Containing ALL We CAN!!

We've got plans for our house... LOTS of them!  It's hard to decide which plan is of the most importance, but there is one plan Whit has made of ultimate importance:  Get the rains that fall away from the house!  Our house has not ever had any gutters, and it has needed some since 1930!  The basement part of the foundation is crumbling because water has been pouring down into it for a long time.  The grading of the land outside pushes water towards the house.  Yes, Whit wants to regrade things, but little by little we are getting to those ultimate goals.  No sense in fixing the foundational issues, for instance if the reason they exist... still exists!  First and foremost in that project, we needed gutters.  It just so happened that our wonderful friends, Bill & Nancy Harris were doing a huge house remodel, and needed to get rid of their existing gutter system.  Bill told Whit that he could have them if he'd just take them down!!  WOW!  What a blessing!  It wasn't an entirely easy job, but we love it when the Lord works such things together!  Whit also got for free three 250 gal. tanks from our friends, Paul & Jen Edgar.  In a short amount of time Whitley had them in place and had the gutters attached.  Our huge backyard now has 3 big tanks to store water from the roof in!  And I shouldn't forget to mention that he has hoses hooked up to carry the water to our garden!  I'm writing about this today in complete gratitude for the rain God sent our way this past week.  Even though Whit has had these tanks set up for quite a while, this was the first time God completely filled them!  YAY!  I don't have pictures of the filled tanks on here, but you get the idea!

"Farmer Whit" and the first storage tank

Helping Hands

Giving Some Lessons

And the connecting gutter:  
Yeah, it might not be the prettiest thing, but its function is what is so important!  
The sight of that rainwater in there, I must say, is VERY aesthetically pleasing.  :o)

Love from our family to you and yours!

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  1. Fun to get such a big job done...and what a BLESSING that the Lord sent rain to use them with! :)