Monday, May 23, 2011

My daughter... My sister

Shelly Bradberry
I just had an AMAZING moment with my daughter!  She is such a special person and I love her so very much!  She had disobeyed me several times today and I was quite frustrated with her, but somehow I also felt pretty patient.  We had a climactic moment this morning where everyone was in trouble.  All three of my oldest kids got in trouble together.  I hate mornings like that!!  When I was threw spanking Abigail, she was wailing and more distraught than I have ever seen her.  -Grieved, as if her best friend had died or something.  When she came to ask me for forgiveness, she had a difficult time getting the words out.  Then all of a sudden she said..  more like yelled, “I HATE it when I do bad stuff!  I hate it when the devil keeps me from obeying!  I don’t know why I can’t do good!”  That was odd to me for her to say, because she is a very good girl and hardly ever gets in trouble.  I knew what this was about.  She was feeling very guilty and overwhelmed with that guilt.  She was sobbing in my chest.  We had that pivotal moment, where she fell convicted and burdened beyond anything she or I could do for her.  She recognized her need for a Savior!  Oh how I wished for a way to record her beautiful prayer to the Lord.  She asked for His help, thanked Him for dying for her, and asked Him to wash her sins away.  Her prayer for salvation was more beautiful than any prayer I could have had her copy-cat.  She immediately began smiling and it was so precious when she realized that she was now a Christian.  She thought she was just praying… and she was… but the significance was astounding to me.  Her cry for a Savior was no doubt heard… my daughter, is my sister, too.

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  1. Oh, Shelly. Praise the Lord!!! What a wonderful feeling that must be. I long for that day when I feel that with my girls. So happy for you and your family. Love the blog by the way. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I have enjoyed mine. It is a great way to "scrapbook" these precious moments.