Saturday, September 15, 2012

Baby Shower!!!

Some sweet friends threw our little sweetie and I a baby shower on September 8th.  I enjoyed so much the opportunity to be with some close friends and to celebrate the life that is bubbling around inside of me!  It was a gift card and frozen dish shower, which made for a fun little twist to the normal baby shower!  My freezer is full, but not near as full as my heart!  It was such a fun day!! 

Amber, what were we thinking not having you in the family shot!?!  It's only because of you there were pictures in the first place!!  Blame it on mommy-brains, I guess.

Our sweet girl, hours before she broke her arm!  Little did we all know how much those frozen meal-gifts would come in handy very soon!!  We got home from Lubbock the next day at about 4 after being up most of the night and a surgery for our princess.  Needless to say, it was a wonderful blessing to not have to cook or order-out the day after the shower!

Side shot of the hair-do

Our bigger baby being loved on at the shower too.  Luke turns 18 months in a few days.

Some sweet gifts

The hostess gift.  Such a thoughtful, sweet idea!

The hostesses and I from left:  Jeri, Stacy, Nancy, Me, Megan, Kathy

A close-up of the hostess gift in its new spot

 Okay, okay, so I'm kinda PROUD of it!!! :o)

When I got home from the shower, I took all of the Walmart gift cards and any cash gifts and purchased two much-needed items.  Did you know that play-yards don't really last past about 4 babies!?!  One of the mesh sides of our most recent one had a hole in it that over time little fingers made get bigger and bigger until it eventually got ripped out.  Not that it mattered at that point anyway, I couldn't put a new baby in it!  Did you know that I now find infant carrier-style car seats unnecessary?  The infant car seat we have expires in May, but I've no doubts that it already needs replaced.  I find that I never carry the seat around anyway because when I get my littlest out of the car I always put it in a sling or front-pack carrier so that both of my hands are free to hold a hand or two or just stuff!  Whitley's mom bought one new car seat for a shower-gift and I purchased with those aforementioned gifts another one exactly like it.  So now David, Luke and the new baby all have the same brand & style convertible car seats that should last them a long time!  YAY!  Obviously I really like the Evenflo Symphony, in case you ever wondered anything about my favorite baby equipment!  The funniest part about that is the first one we got for David a couple of years ago and Nana purchased simply because I liked the name!  Of course, my violinist mother-in-law thought it was great too!  HAHAHA!  They knew how to market to Gayla Bradberry and I.  Turns out it is really awesome!

Such blessings & love back to you all, 

from our family to you and yours!

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