Friday, November 23, 2012

Timothy Daniel's Birthday!

Born November 21, 2012
Weighed 6 lbs 15 oz, 
Measured 19 & 1/4 inches long

Sweet Timothy announced rather obviously that he wanted to be born on the 21st of November when my water broke at midnight!  We didn't have to scurry off to the hospital quite like those crazy birth moments in movies, but we probably didn't hang around the house as long as we would  have if I was just contracting.  We arrived at the hospital at about 2:00 a.m. to find out I was 2 cm dilated.  The start to this labor (water breaking) reminded us of Andrew's birth so much, that the temptation was to worry about a long, drawn-out, failure-to-progress-kind of day that could end with a c-section. We  refused to worry about it too much though, even when I tarried at 4 cm for hours upon hours with no progress!  Instead, we had confidence in all the prayers going up by folks who knew about me having this strange tendency to stall out mid-way through like that (it has happened 3 times).  Several hours of pitocin eventually helped progress things along.  I finally was 5 cm at about 2:30 p.m., 8 cm at 3:15, and complete by 4:00.  Timothy Daniel made his grand entrance at 4:29 p.m. YAY!  We got to have some nice cuddling/skin-to-skin time which was a blessing.  Our hospital has adopted much more natural "policies" regarding this semi-recently which is just so great!  They didn't even weigh him for quite a while and we just got to be in awe of God's sweet blessing to us, without having to "share" with equipment and nurses and bed-warmers, etc...  Meant more to me than words could say, so I just... cried....


Whitley blessing our baby with his name, Timothy Daniel.  Timothy means "One who honors God" or "The Honor of God."  Timothy was Whitley's paternal grandfather's name.  
Daniel means "God is my Judge" or "The Judgment of God."  
We chose this middle name for our 6th child to honor my grandparents and their 6th baby (my mom's brother) who was still-born.

My husband doesn't ever cut the cord with something he doesn't keep! :)  
The Leatherman worked just fine!

Whit snapped this shot of us with Auntie Amber, who took all the birth pictures!  

We were so blessed to still have Dr. Rakov be a part in our family's journey!  He has now delivered 5 of our babies.  Even though he works in a different town now, he kept privileges to be able to deliver in Snyder.  

Timothy's first picture of Daddy holding him.

More photos coming soon!!
Love from our family to you and yours,


  1. TEARS! Tears scrolling through all of these BEAUTIFUL photos! I do believe birth is the most beautiful miracle on earth.

  2. I LOVE the pictures!!!! Blessing upon blessing sweet sister! Your tears made me cry. :)