Friday, February 1, 2013

Oh, Timothy...

Timothy is two months old now!  Get ready for lots of pictures because I am so behind on posting!  The last two months have been very sweet!  Thank you to Amy Ellis, for lots of the snap-shots in the hospital and for the cowboy-hat & family pictures too! :))

This is Luke & my snuggle-posture all the time!  He certainly got some Mama-snuggles on this day!

Home!  -And down with the sillies! :)  I love it!!! Whitley says I only love it because I look "normal!"  HA!

Our kind of "6 pack!"

He'll grow into his Daddy's stuff before we know it, I'm sure!

Big bro is good at patting & burping!

2 months old! 
Proud big brother!



Luke and Timothy have the same, sweet dimple!

Lap-full of babies!

Love from our family to you and yours!!

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