Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Here is a picture of Whit & his innkeeper, on our first Valentine's Day in 1998.  Our close friends, Scott & Amy Ellis did the sweetest thing that year and hosted a formal dinner that evening in their home for their couple-friends.  It was such a sweet idea!  We wrote each other letters for the occasion and still have them to this day.  Whitley and I were a very new couple and went to a seminar on campus that week that was presented to couples by the marriage and family department.  It was designed for engaged and newly-wed couples, but even though we weren't quite there yet, we were pretty sure we wanted to be!  We took this "how-well-do-you-know-your-sweetie" kind of test and.... FAILED.... MISERABLY!!!  Several years and 6 kids later, I think we'd probably do a whole lot better on such a test!  That's not to say that we aren't still enjoying getting to know each other better every day!  

My sweetheart took me out to dinner on Monday, since he had to work this Valentine's Day.  
He surprised me with beautiful flowers that were waiting for us in our booth.  
I'm still really enjoying them!

Today I fixed the kids their favorite sandwiches heart-shaped style and cut up each of their favorite veggies & fruit.  They were excited when they saw them, but Timothy was not too happy so I didn't manage to get a picture of their reactions.

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