Monday, April 29, 2013

More Amistad Memories: Some learning, some downtime, and some FUN!!

Views from the Deck:

The pathetic view of the lake from the deck...  :o(
Can you spot my "ants on a hill"?

How about on this one?

Abigail & David feeding the deer


 We had more fun than you can imagine 
pitching rocks, hunting for fossils, and exploring for... whatever!
The following pictures were taken near the boat ramp.
-Way lower than the boat ramp since the water is so low.!
Three amigos on the border!

There were so many shells everywhere because of the low water level!
They crunched everywhere we stepped and they look like gravel in all my pictures!

Luke learned to throw rocks like the big boys!

Where did it go?

OH! It splashed!!!  HAHA!

This is fun!

Andrew... being.... HIMSELF!!  

The lake is still pretty!  This was taken on one of our golf-cart rides.

Another view from the golf-cart... There were lots of baby lambs with their mamas.

Took this picture one day as we were climbing back up towards the house, after exploring near the water.

Relaxing Indoors:

4 &1/2 months old here :)

giggling at a sibling

watching T.V.

Hmmmm.... actually this is more comfy....
giggles & grins

Andrew's Conquest:

From the house, it takes about 15-20 minutes just to get to this spot.  It's really kind of difficult so we didn't go to the water near the house much.  The first time we went though, Andrew said, "Mama, I wanna walk across over there!"  I told him it would be harder than it looks, but that if he wanted to do it we were going to have to come back some time with a life-jacket and some extra clothes in case he slipped in.  So the next day we left to go back to this spot, and Whitley had a raised eyebrow about why I was taking a life-jacket.  I said, "I'm going to assist Andrew in doing something very male.... he just wants to conquer something and he WILL wear a life-jacket while he conquers it!!" He smiled and asked no more questions... It was scarier than Andrew thought it would be because the rocks were very slick. He wanted to turn around, but I didn't let him because afterall.... he had a life-jacket!!!

The Thing to Conquer

wet, rocky path

He slipped a bunch, but never fell completely in.  At one point he said, "Mama, I think I better turn around now.  I went far enough."  I said, "Andrew you are just fine and I know you can do it!"  That seemed to satisfy him to keep going.


more rock chunking

Another Kind of Conquest ;)

The lattice work is around the deck.  Just beyond that is a photo of the porch that got enclosed on the trip.

Relaxing Outdoors:

We all had lots of fun.  And though there's not many photos of the girls in this post, we promise we had fun too!

Love from our family, to you and yours,

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