Friday, May 31, 2013

Sweet Visits and Fun

The last couple of weeks of May, we had lots of special visitors!  It brings my heart so much joy to have so many good friends in our home that we have had connections with over the years, regardless of the distance in miles that may be between us.  These pictures include too many special moments to miss!  I will treasure these memories always!

The Hollingsworth Family
The Hollingsworth family came back to Snyder for about a month.  They have been living for Jesus in Ecuador and we've missed them so much!  We held them captive for an entire day!!!  Whit fixed biscuits in the morning, which I'm making significant since he uses Alesha's recipe!  We loved how the kids didn't even seem to have an awkward "get to know you again" day.  They played and played and enjoyed seeing each other again.

Alesha and their son, Noah, who we finally got to meet!!  

Nate and David played together and had fun.

 Some hotdogs... loaded with giggles!
Isaac, Levi, Andrew, & Dan

 Glory & Isaac

 Glory & Abigail

Hey, look!  11 kids do NOT take up that much room! 
From Left: Abigail, Timothy, Nate, Andrew, David, Dan, Levi & the "train" from the top is Isaac, Luke, Glory, and Noah

 Silly Faces!!!

All of these make me laugh!



The only part about this visit that I truly regret is that there is NO Taylor Hollingsworth pictured.  -Not pictured with Whit, not with family... nowhere.  Sigh.... I do love you Taylor, even if I didn't get a picture of you!

Granny came to visit for Isaac's piano recital!
She got lots of hugs from everyone else too :)  

just after Isaac won the "Most Memorized Pieces" award

We also had a visit from our Goddaughter, Whitley, who lives in Wyoming.  Her grandparents brought her to Texas for a visit.  
It is hard to believe that Whitley just graduated from high school!

Then the Ellis Family came!

Amy & Emily playing with Luke & David

Princess girls :)

 Natalie put Timothy to sleep

Emily a.k.a jungle-gym by the Bradberry boys

Dr. Mike came and saw us too!
These pictures, courtesy of Abigail :))  Which means, I actually am in a picture!  HA!
If you are a newer friend of mine, you might not know that Mike was/is my voice professor and mentor at Abilene Christian University.  Love him so much.  Enjoyed the visit a ton!

Thank you friends!  We could take visitation appointments for the month of June, but...hey... why don't you just stop by and say hello?  I might even snap your picture and brag about how you came to see us! ;o)

Love from our family to you and yours!

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