Friday, June 21, 2013

Our Dear Son, Isaac,

     You have been growing up so much!  We are so proud of you, and thankful for all God has brought you through and given you opportunities for!  In your 11th year you:

 went to diabetes camp in Kerrville for the first time!
First, you had SO many people to say goodbye to!

Then, you had LOTS of fun!!

You also got a new baby brother!!  Not many 11 year olds get to have that!
You love the little ones so much and are SO good with them!

You built stuff.... 
You are so good at constructing things and figuring out how things might could be made better.
You love models and have made so many amazing lego structures 
that I could include dozens of other pictures here!
You have been enjoying The Outdoor Book for Boys and made an anchor 
and even tried to make a raft because of reading that book.

Your first weld!

Photo of of you and the guys after you helped your dad plumb in a new sewer line!
Daddy paid each of you money for all of your very important help!

You had an anniversary of training Tae Kwon Do in October!  
Had lots of fun with that over the last several months too.  You are getting really good at it!
Photo taken the first time Abigail got to come back to class after healing up from her broken arm.

At your first Tournament

2nd Place in Forms!

After you both tested and got your new belts!  You are now officially a "high degree" belt!

You enjoyed various activities involved with our "My Father's World" curriculum:

Your unofficial passport


Geography Game:  You are pretty good at it!!

"Book Basket" Time

You had to have another eye surgery, but the plus was that we got to spoil 
JUST YOU a little bit beforehand!

You had another great year of piano lessons!  
You won "Most Memorized Pieces" for both the December & May recitals!

You and your teacher, Joann Snider.  She really, really loves you and thinks that you are so smart and talented.....

Your granny got to come to the recital in May!
As a side note to these pictures of you all dressed up, did you notice you GREW!?!  
Yes, we need to get you a new suit, but that one worked just fine.  
We thought you looked really sharp!

You also enjoyed all those other kinds of moments of learning 
and having fun with your family!

Game Night!
Helping Luke at his birthday party

At Lake Amistad
Planting the garden.  Your best friend, Nathan, came over for that!
At your O'ma & O'pa's Alpaca farm.  This baby was brand-new that day!
Family "Read-a-loud Time."  You boys were anticipating the ending to the Biography of Cameron Townsend.
Silly, Silly, Silly!!!

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Love from your Mama,

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