Monday, July 8, 2013

Spring/Summer Baseball & TaeKwonDo

Abigail and Isaac had a belt test recently and it went very well!

Korean Terminology Test

Mr. Gafford handing her the new yellow belt!

Mr. Billingsly, the newest black belt at the school, handing Isaac his green belt.
Wish you could see Isaac in the picture!

Getting on the new belt

Isaac with his new green belt.  His favorite color!

Yellow looks good!
So proud of both of them!!

They also got to ride on the float at the parade for the 4th of July and then participated in a demonstration.  Green belts get to start breaking boards, and this was Isaac's FIRST time!  

Front-Snap Kick Break while Master Gafford held the board


Andrew played "coach-pitch" this year:

It was really fun watching him start understanding the game better this year.  He enjoyed going to games and loved it when he had a big crowd of family there.  He felt good when Isaac & Abigail cheered loudly for him!  -Even if sometimes they were slightly distracting!  HAHA!  He also loved spending special time with his dad at practice or games.  His O'pa took him to practices and games that we couldn't all attend too.  After one of the games O'pa took him to McDonald's.  He really loved that and I appreciated his help so very much!

Andrew makes friends really quickly

Warmin' up


Andrew is so funny, and can often have a very dry humor too.   He will totally be teasing about something and you might not even realize that he is.  He stuck his hat on like this just while he was sitting and
pretended to not even notice.  Cracked us up!

This post was kind of long in coming because right before Andrew had his last two games and closing ceremonies, his foot got injured pretty bad.  I had this post all ready to go, but was waiting for a closing ceremony picture!  When that didn't happen, I forgot that I didn't finish it all up!  He was told to not go outside for a couple of days, so we didn't end up attending those events.  He was SO sad about it too that it broke my heart!   

Here is a picture of his foot today, all healed up.  Spared you of the gory one!

Sweet, sweet boy! So proud of him too!

Love from our family to you and yours,

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