Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Our Monumental Trip! Part I (Wednesday-Sunday)

Just thought I'd share some pictures of what we've been up to!  Our first part of the trip was a 12 hour drive.  The children did so great and we were so surprised at how little we stopped on the trip.  On Wednesday, when we got to Greeley, CO Whitley's cousin Lanelle and her husband Terry were at a deputizing ceremony for their son, Cory.  So we went to a park near their house and just let the kids run and play and play!  They had a lot of fun!

I got a picture of Whitley with Cory, a new deputy for Weld County in Colorado!  Also, I got a picture of him with our dear friend Matt Eggleston who came to visit us.  Matt lives with his family in Casper, WY but works near where we were staying for the night.  Was so good to catch up!


Matt and Genee are the parents of our godchildren. The next morning we stopped in Casper, WY and got to meet up with those godchildren, but missed getting to see Genee.  

Uncle Whit with Whitley, Levi & Logan

Such a great picture of this whole crew!

Moving on... Whitley with his eyes on his homeland. ;-)  No filter needed!

Made it to Papa & Nana's House!!

bedtime story


Papa and Daddy pitched some tents in the front yard for the kids to play in.

Nana & Abigail made some birthday pies

This day, we had a birthday party for Whit, Abigail, and Andrew.  Whitley's birthday was on August 30th, Abigail's is coming up on September 12th, and Andrew's is September 16th.  Nana made three pies!   Pies are a favorite for Whitley and Abigail, so they almost always request them for birthday parties.  Andrew just likes to EAT!  So he was happy with pie too.  :-)  Nana made a flat-head cherry pie, an apple pie, and a coconut pie.  They were all so good!!

Luke is so happy there's a birthday party that involves pie!

Soon to be 11 and 8!


Papa gave Andrew his first ax... growing up! ;-) 

Not every girl would be thrilled for their Papa to give her a set of pocket knives and a fly-rod.
But not every girl is like Abigail!!

Fly-rods for Abigail & Andrew

We got Andrew a skateboard.  
Apparently we have gotten over his last E.R. trip.  :-O

Whitley's brother, Richard, came to the party from Livingston, Montana and took Whitley back with him that afternoon.  Whitley stayed there a couple of nights and came back on Sunday. Richard is a taxidermist in Livingston, so he got to be with him some at his shop, and also got to see Richard and Molly's new house!  Whitley didn't buy the really expensive non-resident tag for hunting but he got to follow Richard around while he bow-hunted and enjoyed getting to be with him in his element.  

one of the bucks they saw

My honey actually took a selfie... just for me!

While he was away...


Nana & Papa took us to the Farmer's Market. 

a band is playing in the background

Crazy Boys!! They make me laugh!
getting balloons

Back at the house!  Nana had David help her put toothpicks in grapes and then she froze them for a snack later.  Of course they ate some, and Timothy especially loved the whole eating grapes on a toothpick thing!!  


Church at Valley Christian Fellowship

Sunday afternoon Richard and Molly brought Whitley back and we got to spend the afternoon with them.  The last time we saw Richard and Molly it was their wedding day four years ago!  Luke and Timothy got to meet them for the first time on this trip.  It has never taken long for any of our kids to warm up to Richard... even the shyest of kids like Luke, apparently!  They all warmed up to Molly too, and I was really glad for us all to get to spend some time with both of them.

Love this one!

David melted his Aunt Molly's heart!

Timothy giving Molly's dog, Willow, a kiss.

Sunday evening Whitley and I walked our children to a nearby church building to let Andrew and Abigail play on their new birthday toys (skateboard & scooter), while the rest of them played on the playground there.

farmer "johnson grass boy" giving me a flower on the way back

Whitley showing Timothy the dear in front of Papa & Nana's house
We brought Papa his requested Texas Black Diamond watermelons, but he shared with us!

Texas boys are born knowing how to eat watermelon the RIGHT way! ;-))

Hope you enjoyed this first post!  More to come later!

Love from our family to you and yours,

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