Thursday, September 18, 2014

Our Monumental Trip! Part III

For Whitley's birthday, I told him I would fund a certain dollar amount on a new felt cowboy hat.  I figured that  Montana was a good place to have a custom hat made.  Cowboy hats can't be a surprise, since you really have to see different styles on the cowboy before you decide!  He has been wanting a grey or silver felt hat, so the following picture is him looking at several color examples of hats that are not yet shaped.  I think we will love the hat we ordered, and we are thankful to Whitley's brother, Richard for recommending Randy Rains of Lawdog Hats for making this custom hat.  Whitley's mom and siblings pitched in some to help with the cost, and I'm sure there will be an entire "hat" blogpost coming your way when we get it in!

Well maybe it'll be my turn next for a custom hat!

We got to see Whitley's pard, Mark Ketelsen!

-And Dave & Amanda Smart!  Been way too long since we've seen all of these fine folks.

Dave talking over raft designs with Isaac

Catching up!

Plenty of pictures to look back on and memories to remember, of course!

Pards... No MATTER how long it has been!

Shucking Montana Sweet Corn

That half of a watermelon was just the right size for Papa!

On Wednesday, the 10th, we went to see Becky Warren and spent some time visiting with her.  The weather really started turning on that day!

Becky had some fun crafts ready!

Becky & Marvin's son, Joe, helping Timothy have some fun.

You never know who you'll run into at Costco!  Was so good to "accidentally" see Margaret McGillvray as well!

The Grand Opening of the new Scheel's store happened while we were in Billings.  We didn't go on opening day, where people actually spent the night in TENTS before bombarding the store the next day.  That's just... not... our style.  This is not a common store in the South, but just imagine the biggest Cabella's you've been to, and like double or quadruple it... (I'm not really sure?), and you've got Scheel's!  It's huge, with a ferris wheel and many, many picture taking opportunities.  So this section of pictures is just those opportunities, and completely neglects the crazy amount of merchandise we could have purchased!

The archway to enter the main part of the store is an aquarium!

We've got tokens!

Seriously... first ever Ferris Wheel ride!  We don't do Carnivals, so this was a big deal!

Oh, you know, just driving my monster truck around for my fans!

Abraham Lincoln gave us a great speech!

A little help from sister...

What a good pal ol' Abe is!

It got down to 26, the night before we went to Scheel's.  

Next post will be pictures of us in Wyoming & South Dakota doing all of our touristy things! :-))

Love from our family to you and yours,

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