Thursday, March 21, 2013

The 21st Sweethearts!

Today Luke Nathanael turned 2 years old and Timothy Daniel turned 4 months old!  There will be more blogging about Luke's birthday when he is well enough for a party.  Things have been pretty pathetic around here!  Whitley got sick which almost never happens!  He came home from work one day and went to the doctor.  Abigail and I began getting sick too.  Whitley, however, persisted to run fever for 4 days and his cough began getting so much worse that he went back to the doctor.  He got a chest x-ray that revealed pneumonia in his left lung!  Meanwhile David, Andrew, Isaac & Luke took turns sharing until all of the children were coughing EXCEPT Timothy!  Believe me, I thought about giving every family member half of a cup of Timothy's milk since it must be the most amazing immunity builder on Earth!!!  I know that I tried to not cough on him, but there is no way that he didn't get coughed on!  I'm just glad he is still well!  Thanks to a kind house-visit from our doctor, Luke & Isaac are on antibiotic and breathing treatments and I hope we will all be well again soon!  Andrew is running pretty bad fever today, poor guy.  And as for Luke's birthday, I hesitated to take pictures today of him at all, but then I thought, "Silly me... Oh well!  We are real people with real birthdays and some of us, including the birthday boy, just happen to be really sick!"  Sigh.....

For a moment they were both sleeping on the couch yesterday!

Happy Birthday, sweet boy....... feel better soon!!!

Timothy while mama is working really hard to make him smile for his 4 month picture...
....sort of like, "BOOORRRRING!!!"

Timothy's reaction when all Isaac did was sort of walk by and smile at him... 
Isaac is so good with babies, and he nearly always gets sweet smiles like these!

Happy 4 months, Timothy!

Love from our family to you and yours,

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