Sunday, March 31, 2013

Gelding For Sale: Snyder, Texas SOLD

The following are pictures from last summer.  He's not quite this slicked off yet, so I thought I would show these!  Information on him follows the pictures.

Buddy is an 11 year old gelding who is about 14 1/2 hands tall.  He is beautiful, stands well for a farrier and is 100% sound.  We bought him a year ago to "babysit" our kids.  We were told by the folks we purchased him from that he had been a play-day winner, is particularly good at barrels, and was ridden by a 14 year old boy.  I cannot testify to his accomplishments on barrels..  We didn't care anything about that at the time and just wanted a gentle horse for our young kids.  When we purchased him, he was like a dream come true!  He was a horse my kids began developing confidence on, and we were so happy to have him!  His downfall, and the only reason we are selling him, is that he is very mean to our mare!  Our broodmare did not have issues with him at first.  Overtime, however, Buddy has become so dominating towards her that he does not pay attention to his rider anymore and cares nothing about anything else except being with HER!  We aren't willing to sell our mare at this time so we need to sell him.  We are sad to see him go, but hope he can find another good home!  We know he came from being in a barn with stalls, and maybe he did better in that environment with other horses, but we have found him to be a pest when it comes to being pastured with our mare.  We think he would do great either being the only horse on the farm, or possibly with other geldings.  Now is a good time to come look at him, because our mare is away visiting her REAL boyfriend!!!  HA!

We are regretfully selling Buddy for $1500 (firm).  Call 325-573-3534.  Please, only serious inquiries.  I am a homeschool mom of 6 who does not live on the farm where this horse is located and I really need you to be seriously interested.  Thank you!

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