Friday, March 11, 2016

David is Seven!

David Josiah:
3/12/09;  7:07p.m.;  5lbs 10oz

Dear David,
     You are tough and tender.  You feel big feelings and are seldom in any kind of mediocre mood.   You are loads of athleticism in a small package!  You are the sweetest little singer.  Click here.  -So very sweet!!  You love horses, riding your bike, and TaeKwonDo class that you started being a part of recently.  You are learning to read and your brother Isaac is helping you with that which makes your parents so proud of you both!  You absolutely LOVE picture taking time and know exactly how to work the camera with your adorable personality and poses.  The pictures in this post are all just from your sixth year, which was a major growing-up year for you!  David, you were a bright light for your mom over the past year.  You were a "rainbow baby" for us and that gave me hope on some really dark days.  Your smile helped us remember that there is always hope to be had no matter what the future may hold.  What a blessing you are to us for so many reasons!  Your family loves you and your parents love being your Mom and Dad!

David grew 4 inches and gained 7 pounds in his 6th year after starting on growth hormone shots.

Taken right after his first shot.  He's a brave boy just like his big brother!

David loves to go fishing!!

He loves to climb and climb!

Pictures of David hamming it up at the Ben Richey Boys Ranch Fundraiser

Feeding the mule some watermelon.

Our little jockey loves riding horses with the family!

More fishing!!

-And more being charming and funny

David learned to ride a bike last October.... Except there wasn't any teaching from parents or "learning" to it.  Because he has such incredible balance like his daddy, he simply could ride a bike... just like that!  He said it best, "I just believed in myself to do it!"

Happy Birthday David!!!

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