Monday, March 21, 2016

Luke is Five!!

Dear Luke Nathanael,
        You are shy, sweet and full of life and light.  You are always so observant and always thinking.  You love to work puzzles and do pretty much anything with your hands.  You like to color and draw, play with play-doh and do crafts.  You love having a routine and notice when something doesn't happen when it should.  Bumps in routine used to upset you a lot before you could talk about it, but now you usually just tell us what you noticed.  When you speak, you usually have something really important and intelligent to say.  You love rhythm and music, but usually don't sings songs.  You love to beat-box them with your own rhythmic syllables.  The musician in your mom absolutely adores this!  You are so smart and helpful, handsome and kind.  We love you, precious boy!
Here's a quick glance of your 5 years with us!

You were born on Monday, March 21st at 5:12 a.m.

Sweetest smile...

And dimples!

You got to announce that your baby brother Timothy was on his way!

You were pretty proud of him too!!

You still love these fingers... Oh dear!

Sweet friends forever!
Such a tender heart for God...

And for taking care of others!

Such a good helper...

Such a good snuggler and buddy!

Your great-granny came to your 4th birthday party!

Your brother David played barber and... uhm... needs more practice,
so Daddy gave you your first buzz-cut!

This year you caught your very first fish!

We are so proud of you, big boy!

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